August 7, 2012

18 Weeks

Sweet Baby H, 

     It has been 18 weeks since you set up shop in my belly. We saw you today and you are growing strong and healthy. You are busy flexing your arms and legs and I can't wait to feel you moving around in there. When we saw you today you were laying back with your arms stretched above you and we even saw you open and close your mouth. We also saw the four chambers of your heart and your kidneys. It is still amazing to me that all of that is going on inside of me - that you are growing inside of me. We can't wait to meet you and keep wondering what you will look like and who you will be... 

How far along? 18 Weeks

Total weight gain: 15 pounds - no change from last week

Maternity clothes?: Only work pants so far... Still wearing lots of maxi dresses and flowy shirts to mask the mini bump that sometimes just looks like I need to put down the cheeseburger.

Stretch marks? No... Still crossing my fingers that I will be one of those lucky girls who doesn't get stretch marks, has perky boobs after breastfeeding and finds a six pack is hiding under this baby belly within weeks of delivery. A girl can dream, right?

Best moment this week: This morning without a doubt. We had our 18 week check up and saw Baby H on the big screen. We could see Baby H's nose, eyes, arms and legs and movement. It was amazing! So much better than the 6 week ultrasound that looked more like the weather radar in black and white. 

Sleep: Saturday was a bad night, but then I discovered putting a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side and for now it has changed my life. well at least my night life :) 

Miss Anything?: During Heather's wedding festivities this weekend in Santa Fe, I wanted a margarita so bad I could taste it. or maybe that was because I licked the salt off of every glass Michael had... Needless to say I parked myself at the candy bar and did myself in there. Not a totally bad trade off. 

Movement: Not Yet - waiting anxiously!!

Food cravings: It's still anything with cheese and lots of fruit. Tonights dinner is strawberries, sharp cheddar slices, grapes and watermelon. I have a really bad heartburn today so fruit sounded like it would help.

Belly Button In or Out:  In

Symptoms: HEARTBURN ---- I have never had it and didn't know how icky it can be....

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy - and hungry :)

Looking forward to: Moving on Saturday! As much as I hate moving, I am ready to just get it over with already. I am hoping for a cool front or I may just need to wear an ice pack like mascots do under their get ups. We move everything to storage on Saturday and will be at a hotel for several days - then later next week we move into our new home in Fort Worth. And the very next day I can start getting  Baby H's nursery ready! I can't wait.


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