April 22, 2012

April Already?

I have been a very bad blogger. I can't believe it has been over four months since I have posted. Time has just flown by since the holidays. Where does the time go? Let's see....  We have been really busy with work, finally furnishing our no longer empty home, trying not to let Cass and Parker destroy the yard, the furniture, the fence, their kennels and anything else they can get their destructive little paws on as well as spending several needed weekends away at the farm enjoying a dose of vitamin d and fresh air.  I also took up boxing and kickboxing recently. I love it, but it is an insane workout and when I get home I am complete mush, very unproductive and have the appetite of a horse.

I have so many photos from the past few months so I need to play catch up on here. I will warn you I just ran across Christmas photos that I never posted so we may be having Christmas in April... Actually it will probably be May if I am being honest.

For my birthday I was able to spend a weekend away at the farm with my favorite people and pets. It was perfect. Family. Dogs. Bluebonnets. Sun. Fish. Four Wheelers. And I killed a snake! It turns out I do have maternal protective instincts. Although I think Cass and Parker were more scared and scarred by my behavior once I saw the snake than the snake itself.  These pictures make me wish I was back there. It is my favorite place to be... I leave feeling recharged, reminded of the things that really matter and with two exhausted puppies.