August 25, 2012

Harlow Hawkins

Even though many of you already know I thought it was only fair that she get her own post. Yes, that's right folks I said SHE. Baby H is a girl!!! I always thought she was and they confirmed it at our last appointment. They said everything looked great and they were sure Baby H is a girl!! It is amazing how much more real it became when I could start referring to her as a little girl or my daughter. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A DAUGHTER!!! And her name is Harlow :)


19 Weeks & 20 Weeks

I have some catching up to do. We are finally moved into our new home, but needless to say spare time has been hard to come by lately. So many exciting things to share!! Let's start with the move... Without focusing on the negative I will just leave it at this. We had a stressful week right before we closed. The closing changed several times and the entire deal almost fell through to the point where we started looking at apartments to get us through until after Baby H makes his/her debut. (Did I mention we know what he or she is?!?! - next blog post, so stay tuned!) I am not sure we will ever be out of boxes, but we are already completely loving our new home and being in Fort Worth! While we may still have lots of boxes that haven't been unpacked, don't you worry because the crib is up and ready to go :) It makes me happy to walk in there and see it and know that in few months Baby H will be sleeping 8 hours a night in it. How do you like that for positive, wishful, almost delusional thinking?

Now for the belly...

Excuse the mess - we were still living in the hotel and I took full advantage of that and lived like a complete slob. It definitely had it's perks with room service and a maid everyday, but we sure are glad to be home :)

How far along? 20 Weeks

Total weight gain: I have no idea. I think about the same... The scale was packed and I am just fine with that :) Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Maternity clothes?: Only work pants so far... However my button up shirts for work have officially been retired. I really feel that once they start popping open while you are walking it is really better just not to wear them :) 

Stretch marks? No... I have been using vitamin e lotion, bio oil and some other stretch mark oil that I found online. My belly is always oiled up and I pretend that this might really be working. Infomercials were made for me. 

Best moment this week: Dinner with my sister last night. We had some really good laughs and some fairly decent pasta. Doesn't get much better than that. 

Sleep: I started sleeping with three pillows for more support and decided it was time to break down and buy the pregnancy pillow which makes it debut next week. It looks awesome, but it also looks like Michael better like it to since it is going to pretty much take up the whole bed. 

Miss Anything?: We went to Mi Cocina a few days ago and everyone had a margarita or mambo taxi. I was jealous - very, very jealous.  

Movement: Not Yet

Food cravings: Salad and Potbelly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Belly Button In or Out:  In, but it wont be long. 

Symptoms: It's what I affectionately refer to as ANGRY HUNGRY. HANGRY. And it happens A LOT. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: This was a tough week so I will go with moody and happy - very happy to be moved in, but it was hot and stressful so I can't say I always handled it with grace.

Looking forward to: Decorating the Nursery!!!!

Please excuse my tired eyes and pitiful hair. Moving really wore me out! Moving is hard when you are in great shape, but when you are pregnant and hot even with the air conditioner set on 68 - moving feels more like a marathon. And I am definitely NOT a marathon athlete even on the best of days. 


August 12, 2012

Halfway Home

We are officially moved out of our house and everything is in storage until Thursday when we get to do it all over again. Margaret and Brett along with my parents helped us get everything into storage. Needless to say we owe them big time. It was a very long day and we couldn't have done it without them...

At about 11:30 last night we left our first home for the last time and checked into our hotel home for the week. We are staying at the Omni Fort Worth so we really can't complain about our temporary digs. It's been a very relaxing day after a grueling and miserably hot day of moving.... First we refueled with a yummy breakfast and then headed to the pool for the day.

August 8, 2012

Home 101

Yesterday evening while packing I realized it is a little sad that we are moving, given that we just made Home 101 our own and it took almost a year to get it that way. Below are some before and afters of our first home... This post will likely be a little boring to most of you and is probably more for me... We have lived here such a short time, but it was our first home so I wanted it documented to look back on :)



In absolutely no order whatsoever:

- Red & Gold Walls: We had some painting done before we moved in... I prefer a more soothing color on the walls and to bring in color with accent pieces. We went with a neutral grey - SW Versatile Grey
- Dining Room: In the dining room we removed the sconces and existing light fixture and opted for a linen drum shade and lamps. The neutral walls lightened the room right up. We did hang the lemon prints, but this is the only picture I have...
- Living Room - The tan linen sofa and blue ottoman was our first living room set up. I say first because we quickly discovered we needed more (much more) couch space for me and 6'5 Mr. H if I didn't want to be curled up in a ball at the end of the couch every night while we watched tv :) We moved the linen sofa, chair and blue velvet ottoman into the sitting area in the master bedroom which worked out great because I used the same blue velvet fabric for the throw pillows on our bed.
- Staircase Frames: I told Michael I wanted "organized chaos" on this wall with those frames that I had been collecting for months. We cut out pieces of wrapping paper in the size of the frames and taped them up on the wall and then hung the frames. He did such a good job! I did eventually fill all of the frames, but couldn't find a picture of them and they are already all in boxes for the new house.
- Front Yard: Michael and I stained the shutters and spent a lot of time on the landscaping in the front yard! Both involved long Saturdays and sunburns, but it looks much, much better than it did when we moved in.
- Floral Painting & Lamps: This in the only photo I have of the guest bedroom, which was my least favorite room. I sold the flower painting and have a new plan for the guest bedroom at our new house:)
- Living Room Version #2: This was the new sectional in the living room -- which we sold last week. haha! I will use any excuse to redecorate and moving is the best one I can think of... In my defense this really wouldn't work in our new home so we are going in a different direction yet again...
- We found a beautiful entertainment center, for a great deal, that took up this entire wall, but for some reason this is the only photo I have of it... It wont be going with us either because the new owners asked for it in their offer on the house and Michael was quick to except because he wasn't looking forward to having to move it. I was less than thrilled because I love it... but I am sure we can find something else we love...
- Master Bedroom: Our bedroom was one of my favorite rooms. I just picked up some antique botanical prints I had framed and they never even had the chance to make their debut on the wall above the bed. They will have to wait for the new home. I absolutely LOVE them. I picked them up over a year ago at an antique flea market and finally found someone who does absolutely beautiful framing and had very decent prices... They are sooo pretty - I can't wait to hang them!

We will really miss this house because we love it, but we aren't fond of the area and that makes all of the difference sometimes. We are really looking forward to being in Fort Worth and to making our new house a home. Our new home was built in 1952 and has had updates over the years, but will still need some love.

Here is a sneak peek of our new house...


August 7, 2012

18 Weeks

Sweet Baby H, 

     It has been 18 weeks since you set up shop in my belly. We saw you today and you are growing strong and healthy. You are busy flexing your arms and legs and I can't wait to feel you moving around in there. When we saw you today you were laying back with your arms stretched above you and we even saw you open and close your mouth. We also saw the four chambers of your heart and your kidneys. It is still amazing to me that all of that is going on inside of me - that you are growing inside of me. We can't wait to meet you and keep wondering what you will look like and who you will be... 

How far along? 18 Weeks

Total weight gain: 15 pounds - no change from last week

Maternity clothes?: Only work pants so far... Still wearing lots of maxi dresses and flowy shirts to mask the mini bump that sometimes just looks like I need to put down the cheeseburger.

Stretch marks? No... Still crossing my fingers that I will be one of those lucky girls who doesn't get stretch marks, has perky boobs after breastfeeding and finds a six pack is hiding under this baby belly within weeks of delivery. A girl can dream, right?

Best moment this week: This morning without a doubt. We had our 18 week check up and saw Baby H on the big screen. We could see Baby H's nose, eyes, arms and legs and movement. It was amazing! So much better than the 6 week ultrasound that looked more like the weather radar in black and white. 

Sleep: Saturday was a bad night, but then I discovered putting a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side and for now it has changed my life. well at least my night life :) 

Miss Anything?: During Heather's wedding festivities this weekend in Santa Fe, I wanted a margarita so bad I could taste it. or maybe that was because I licked the salt off of every glass Michael had... Needless to say I parked myself at the candy bar and did myself in there. Not a totally bad trade off. 

Movement: Not Yet - waiting anxiously!!

Food cravings: It's still anything with cheese and lots of fruit. Tonights dinner is strawberries, sharp cheddar slices, grapes and watermelon. I have a really bad heartburn today so fruit sounded like it would help.

Belly Button In or Out:  In

Symptoms: HEARTBURN ---- I have never had it and didn't know how icky it can be....

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy - and hungry :)

Looking forward to: Moving on Saturday! As much as I hate moving, I am ready to just get it over with already. I am hoping for a cool front or I may just need to wear an ice pack like mascots do under their get ups. We move everything to storage on Saturday and will be at a hotel for several days - then later next week we move into our new home in Fort Worth. And the very next day I can start getting  Baby H's nursery ready! I can't wait.


Wedding Weekend Santa Fe Style

This past weekend we pushed the moving boxes aside, packed up our suitcases and headed to Santa Fe for Heather and Tyler's wedding!

Heather and I met when I transferred to Texas Tech. She and I were instant friends who have shared many memories. many laughs. a few too many drinks. and a few tough times where we needed a shoulder to cry on - a real friendship and one that I am really thankful to have.

It was a wonderful weekend and an absolutely beautiful wedding with a stunning bride. I was honored to stand up on the alter with Heather and Tyler while they exchanged their vows.  You could see the love and joy in their eyes and it tugged at my heartstrings to hear their words affirm it.

The Weekend According to Instagram:
1. St. Francis Hotel in Santa Fe - It was in the middle of town and we walked everywhere. They also made me the best virgin drink I have ever had. ever. A virgin mango mojito made with fresh mango.
2 - 3. Michael and I at lunch - It was a lovely lunch on the balcony of a little restaurant. The meal was so fresh and yummy - clearly since my plate is completely empty :)
4 - 5. Walking the streets of Santa Fe enjoying the shops and historical sites
6. The gorgeous bride before we headed to the chapel
7. View from the reception - breathtaking!
8. Heather and I with Baby H :)
9. The sky was full of rainbows during her reception. It was amazing! Double rainbows even graced the sky.