September 12, 2011

Hello Worldwide Web!

This is my first blog and to be honest I am not sure my life is all that blog worthy. Correction. I know my life isn't all that blog worthy, but it seems like the next appropriate step in nesting.

In April of 2008 my world was rocked. I met Mr. H.  In March of 2010 we tied the knot in my childhood church and then planted roots here in Dallas. A year later we bought our first home. We are still in the process of painting, furnishing and learning how to keep up with the responsibilities that come with home ownership. A couple of months ago we welcomed Parker into our home - a blue eyed, orange and white Brittany, followed by Cass - a green eyed liver and white Brittany. They are our babies for now so brace yourself for too many pictures of dogs that are treated better than a large portion of children in our society.  Sad, but true. I actually wouldn't mind coming back as Cass when I die. Her feet have barely touched the ground since we brought her home and one whimper will pretty much bring Michael sprinting to her rescue.  I have tried the whimper and it doesn't work for me. This is something I will have to perfect. Anyway. All of these wonderful happenings bring us to this momentous occasion - my first blog. It is official. I am aging. And before everyone tells me how young I am - let me stop you and let you know that I don't think I am elderly, but I sure don't feel 22 anymore. I used to gasp at the thought of being boring like my parents. (I mean this in a loving and positive way, Mom) Going to bed at 10 o'clock. never. Staying in on a Friday night. never. Taking a cat nap after a large meal. never. cooking dinner. um no thank you - I, of course, have always preferred my meals in a bag of some sort with plasticware. and yet here I am. blogging. cooking. refinishing furniture. vacuuming and steaming my hardwood floors obsessively. pruning my own shrubs. going for evening walks. drinking coffee religiously. getting up before the sun. starting to dream about a family of my own. hysterically thinking my dog has Parvo when he only has an upset stomach. I am a full-time adult woman. Domestication won. Who would have thought? Not me. Not in a million years.

Here is a look back at the road to domestication. Mainly the wedding because these are some of my favorites :)

Best Night of My LIfe

It snowed during our reception. Magical.

First Anniversary
 For some strange reason I assumed that the cake might still be halfway decent a year later. I was wrong. While the succulents were frozen in time and looked beautiful, but the cake tasted like old frozen plants. We both gagged and spit it out, but nonetheless it was fun to get it out a year later. Wow, has it really been over a year now? My how time really does fly...

Right after we moved in we decided the fence and shutters needed staining right away. In an effort to save money we stained them ourselves. This is the first and very last time we will do our own staining.

first picture in front of one zero one

Did I mention that two weeks after we moved in there was a hail storm? And not just any ole hail storm. The kind that drew tears - from Mr. H, not me of course. The kind that required prayer and trying to decide quickly which bathroom was best - the one with the window or the one by the gas line. Kind of a big decision. It was so loud, so intense and went on for over 20 minutes. We really thought a tornado was headed our way. Anyway - we always knew that staying calm under stress and pressure wasn't my specialty. Well let's just say this incident definitely reinforced this. So 2 weeks after we moved in - new roof. check. new window beading. check. new window screens. check. new gutters. check. new paint. check. dead hydrangea. check. still mourning that dang thing. it was my pride and joy for 2 short weeks. God must have known that broken windows and water damage would have really sent me over the edge because we were the only house in the neighborhood without a broken window. 

 Parker's first few hours at home with us in July :) 

Cass' first trip to Texarkana last weekend

We took our first trip to Texarkana the day after we picked up Cass.  It was a crazy weekend, but we finally got in the groove. Quick shout out to Marg for the bird pj's. Love them.
Proud Papa H.

Well that's all for now folks. Oh and Sorry for a few of the low quality iphone photos. I am hard at work on that one. Give me just a little more time to sweet talk Mr. H into the new camera :)



ashley said...

your blog is so cute. and i'm SO excited you're going to blog and i can keep up better with all you are up to!!! your puppies are PRECIOUS!!! hugs.

In this wonderful life... said...

YAY!! SO good to catch up on you! I hope you enjoy blogging :) Love all the pics. Your lil family is so cute!

I do lots of iphone pics! It's just so easy. I love the instagram app bc it makes them look a bit less drab. I think yours look good, though.

Every Day That Follows said...

I knew all this and i STILL loved reading it... looking forward to more!