September 28, 2011

Date Night at the Ballpark

A couple of weeks ago Mr. H and I went to the Ranger game. I love going to games - any sport really. Not so much for the sport itself, but for the atmosphere (not to mention catching a glimpse of Hamilton) and most importantly the preservative filled food.  And there was definitely no shortage of that being served up given that it was $1 hot dog night at the ballpark.  In addition to six hot dogs I also needed my fake cheese fix. Two hours later we left happy Ranger fans with bloated bellies. The Rangers won, Hamilton hit a grand slam and I indulged in the truly great American sport of overeating. It was a win-win.

In the pictures you might have noticed that Mr. H has on a new Ranger shirt and that I do not. This is not for lack of effort on his part. He went to get new shirts for us on his lunch break. Mine was supposed to be a surprise. And boy was it. A child's small. Really?? And that went right back to the store the following day. But thank you for thinking of me and for thinking that I could fit into a shirt made for an 8 year old.

On a side note - I always think it is funny when someone realizes they are going to be in your picture and smiles. a. little. creepy. In my opinion. They could just put something in front of their face or run like hell to get out of the picture like I do. Totally normal.


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