September 26, 2011

Camp Mimi

There are those special events from your childhood which you can still vividly remember at any age, while other things are lost from your memory forever. I guess God keeps those memories with you that he knows you will need one day. They were both needed and coveted this past week by my family. It's still hard for me to believe that my grandmother, our Mimi, is really gone. Just three weeks ago we were all together celebrating their 60th anniversary and she looked and felt great. In fact, when Michael and I picked her and Papa up to take them to the celebration I asked her how she was feeling. She told me - with a big smile - she felt great and that she planned on being around for many more years. I think we had all planned on that. Yesterday we honored and buried Mimi.  Deep down I know where she is and how wonderful that it must be for her to be healthy and back with her parents and sisters who went home years ago, but as for me - in all of my earthly selfishness - I would prefer that Mimi be right back here with us. Then I could erase the vision I have of her fighting for her life in the hospital. And mend my mother's broken heart. And give Papa back his best friend. And see her hold my children one day. And have them experience Camp Mimi.

This is the memory that kept coming back to me while she was in the hospital and during her funeral.

Camp Mimi was an annual, much anticipated event for Margaret and I growing up. I can remember my mom and dad driving and meeting them halfway between Bossier and Texarkana. From there I would be going home with Mimi and Papa for the week. For a whole week. All by myself. I felt so special. So grown up. Mimi would plan the entire week around us. There were dinners out, shopping sprees, trips to the park, movie night and the list goes one. It was awesome. But now being older, and supposedly wiser, I know what a truly amazing gift it was to have grandparents that were so willing and able to be a part of our lives. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.  Sitting at her service yesterday I was reminded of those summers. Reminded of her immense love for my family and for me. What I wouldn't give for another week at Camp Mimi. To go back to that age when life was so carefree and wonderful. To be loading into her car with my suitcase and pillow headed to her house, oblivious to the realities of adulthood and saying goodbye.

I am grateful for the time I had with her and for the many memories that I can continue to carry with me until I see her again.


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So beautiful sweetheart... so beautiful.