July 8, 2012

In a matter of weeks...

The past few weeks have flown by and LOTS has been happening. We went to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for 4 days because Michael had a work convention to attend. I was excited about the time off work to relax, but I wasn't quite sure how Idaho would be for a vacation. Boy, did I miss judge Coeur d'Alene. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was an amazing break from the 100 degree heat Texas had while we were gone. Here are a few shots I took on my phone from our room, the pool and the spa where I spent my time relaxing on our trip while Michael was working. ahem, I mean golfing :)

About a month ago we started seriously talking about selling Home 101 and moving to another area for lots of different reasons. We listed the house with the agreement that we wouldn't sell unless we got a good solid offer. Two days after we returned from Coeur d'Alene we received exactly that. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE. Well technically we don't close and have to be out until August 9th, but basically WE SOLD OUR HOUSE. We have been hunting for the past week and made an offer! We found out this morning that the seller accepted and we are in contract for our new home in Fort Worth, pending our inspection on Tuesday of course. Very exciting stuff!

And during all this I went from being 12 weeks pregnant to almost 14 weeks pregnant. Wow. 13 Weeks post coming soon!



Every Day That Follows said...

You should take some pictures of your first house now before all the taking down and unpacking begins and post them so when you print your blog for your family history you'll be able to look back at some of the wonderful details you've lovingly put into your first home... just a few of your favorite things to remember Home One Zero One by!

ashley said...

that is so exciting mari!!!!!

and what program are you using to make your collages? really like.

sooooo excited about that baby!!