October 24, 2011

Happy Monday

It is only fair to report on the wonderful Monday I am having since last Monday's post was in lieu of a less than stellar day.

6:00 am - wake up, COFFEE NOW PLEASE! I am lucky that Mr. H has it brewed when I wake up. He is the morning person in this twosome.

7:30 am leave for work. Whoa. FOG EVERYWHERE. Like serious, I can't see the other cars until I am about to hit them, fog. My boss calls to say our meeting is cancelled and to take my time. Sit back and enjoy the tunes and inch my way to work.

9:00 am - Emails & phone calls. Gotta love Mondays!

10:30 am - Vendor Meeting

11:00 am - Conference Call

12:30 pm - Lunch with some girls from the office since

2:00 pm - Loooooooong Conference Call

3:30 pm - Catch up on email like a mad woman so I can leave early. The dogs have now been locked up longer than ever without being let out since neither of us could run home at lunch.

4:30 pm - Sneak away from work early to let my puppies out. Cass held it for over 8 hours!! HUGE accomplishment in the Hawkins' home. Text the hubby the great news :)

5:00 pm - Finish working while the puppies play outside

Now to you this may seem like a boring day, but to me it was wonderful. Nothing today involved POOP. Unfortunately the same can't be said for this past weekend. We took the pups to the farm for the first time. First time around the cows. First time around cow POOP. We expected them to roll in it as I have heard many dogs do that for some strange reason. Our pups were not the least bit interested in rolling in it. Why roll in it when you can eat it?!? That's right. They were major fans of cow POOP. You would have thought we had dumped out treats all over the ground. It was disgusting and really hard to stop. In order to stop them you had to get near them and then they wanted to immerse you in their new found joy by jumping on you and licking you. Let the dry heaving begin. again.

On a completely different subject. Guess what I finally talked Mr. H into?!? A new big girl camera. It is so fun! I don't know how the heck to work it AT ALL, but I am hoping an all day dslr crash course class I signed up for in a couple of weeks will help me with that. Not that the lack of knowledge is stopping me. I have taken 437 photos since I got it, so prepare yourself for all the posts that are about to come. Pictures of anything and everything that doesn't get up and run from me and even some shots of Michael or the pups doing just that. I have pictures to upload from the Rangers game, the pups, the family farm trip and some updates I have made around Home 101.

Gotta go - I can hear growling and yelping from the backyard :)


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