October 10, 2012

24 & 25 Weeks

Time is flying by.... I feel like Harlow will be here in no time and I still have soooo many things to do. I did knock out the crib bedding and furniture last week for the nursery which I am super excited about. I can't wait to see it all come together. Fabric will be here next week and I am having a seamstress I found work her magic. Michael and I went to look at gliders and went with the most comfortable one rather than the one I had been eyeing... I am really trying to make sure the nursery is not only adorable, but also (and more importantly) cozy and functional - since we will be spending many a sleepless night in there with her :)

We are also trying to get things done around the house that we know we absolutely wont have time for once she makes her big debut. For example, a storage shed in the backyard is in the works today. I just went out there to check out the hubs and his ongoing project and let's just say I hope he cleans up after he is finished. Tornado Michael is in full effect in the backyard :) The end result is always good, but the process is a little messy for my taste, but at least we will finally have a place for excess things we don't want to store in the house - Crap, really - Things we should probably be throwing away, but instead are building a custom home for in the backyard :) We were able to agree on the shed because it is going behind the covered patio and is completely hidden and can't be seen from any window in the house or any from any angle in the yard. Storage sheds aren't my favorite. Very useful, but impossible to make chic on a budget....

Now for the good stuff!  I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant as of today, but as usual I am playing catch up and blogging about 24 & 25 weeks. Harlow is definitely growing like a weed, which is evident with my growing belly. It has really taken off the past couple of weeks!

24 Weeks

p.s. I actually steamed the dust ruffle this weekend... clearly after these pictures were taken. It looks sooo much better. It MIGHT have just been worth the effort :)

25 Weeks

How far along? 24 & 25 Weeks

Total weight gain: 24 pounds. yep. that's right. moving on... 

Maternity clothes?: see above. at this point it either has to be maternity or a something from the big and tall section to ensure my belly isn't hanging out :) 

Stretch marks? No...  

Best moment this week: Ordering crib fabric. and. if I am being honest. sleeping in on Saturday morning.

Sleep: What sleep?? I am either tossing, turning, rearranging pillows or going to the bathroom. 

Miss Anything?: Getting out of my car without making a grunting noise. Granted my car is very low to the ground, it has become noticeably more difficult to get out of it in heels with my purse and work things without a grunt and rocking motion :) 

Movement: All of the time. I can see my stomach move now through my clothes!!! 

Food cravings: Baked potatoes, fruit, orange juice, pasta

Belly Button In or Out:  Barely in...

Symptoms: headaches, almost daily

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am very happy, but I am pregnant and not sleeping so moody comes with the territory.

Looking forward to: getting in bed early tonight!! 

24 & 25 Weeks According to Instagram:

1) New vintage coffee table - Love!!!
2) Ordered this for Harlow :)
3) New vintage piece for the living room
4) Bumpers for Harlow's crib
6) Healthy Lunch
7) Already enjoying being out of heels - yay for leopard TOMS
8) Glider Fabric
9) Parker and Cass keeping me company in our room (usually off limits) while Michael was out of town
10) Fabric for the crib skirt, shade and changing pad :)


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In This Wonderful Life said...

you look great, mama!!! I NEED those leopard Toms!!!! What is your instagram name??