September 5, 2012

22 Weeks Bump & Wedding Album

This week I am 22 weeks and feeling pregnant - in a good way :) People in public definitely notice and ask when she is due, which is fun! I can see how this will not be fun after little Harlow is here and I still just look pregnant - which I hear happens all of the time - but for now I am soaking it all in :)

My 22 week check up went great and she is measuring right where she should be and all looked good, including all of my tests from the last appointment. It is very calming to hear the Doc tell you everything looks great.

p.s. please ignore the bed that isn't made and the wrinkled dust ruffle. It's new and I haven't felt like steaming it and was hoping the wrinkles would fall out on their own. looks like maybe I misjudged that... As for the bed I have no excuses there, except that as time goes by I see fewer and fewer reasons for making it. I get right back in it every night.... Regardless, it will all have to wait because I am off to the beach!!!

But before I go - I wanted to share our wedding album! It came in a couple of weeks ago, but I have been so busy that I hadn't been able to swing by and pick it up. Michael was sweet enough to go by and grab it show up with it one night after work last week. I realize we have already celebrated our 2nd anniversary this past March and to some of you it may be odd that I am just now getting my album... We kept saying for months after the wedding we needed to choose our photos and order it from our photographer, Bludoor Studios, but we kept putting it off, or forgetting... Finally, two years after our wedding we chose our photos and submitted them. It was a pleasant surprise when we got the call that it had arrived and was well worth the wait! It is absolutely beautiful and a nice reminder of a perfect day - March 20th, 2010!


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