May 27, 2012


Sooo since finding out that I'm expecting I've been doing A LOT of reading... And I've got to say it's all very eye opening. Like wide eyed, Oh My Goodness! What the... Is this really going to happen like this? It's a really good thing people don't read these books and blogs until after the deed is done :) Because some of it is really unnerving! I know it will all be worth it when I'm holding our baby girl or boy, but I must say it is really a good thing Michael and I enjoy a good horror show because I get the distinct impression from my light reading that the delivery of our precious, sweet baby girl or boy might be just that... Here's just one of the many blogs I've stumbled across...

10 Things They don't Tell You


For now I'll just focus on the good and relish in the things I don't know. Ignorance is bliss. Really.

I already bought something for Baby H last weekend while we were in San Antonio for a wedding. I couldn't help myself. Who could with faces like this?

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Kristin Butler said...

To add to all the info you have been reading, I am sending you back to Dallas this weekend with all my pregnancy books!!!